Cal Hewitt: Microgreens Enthusiast, Grower, and Educator and Owner of Microgreens Guru

Cal Hewitt is a passionate microgreens expert with 5 years of hands-on experience in growing, consuming, and selling these nutritional powerhouses. His journey into the world of microgreens began as a personal quest for better health and has blossomed into a thriving business and educational platform.

Background and Expertise

With over 20 years as a business analyst, Cal brings a unique perspective to the microgreens industry. His analytical skills and keen eye for detail have proven invaluable in optimizing growing techniques, maximizing yields, and developing effective sales strategies.

Cal’s expertise spans a wide range of microgreens, with particular success in:

The Journey to Microgreens

Cal’s passion for microgreens was ignited during a personal health scare. Recognizing the need for a significant dietary improvement, he discovered the often-overlooked nutritional powerhouse of microgreens. What began as a journey to enhance his own health quickly evolved into a mission to share the benefits of microgreens with others.

From Consumer to Grower to Educator

Cal’s path in the microgreens world has been one of constant learning and evolution:

  1. Consumer: Initially purchasing microgreens from stores and markets.
  2. Home Grower: Transitioning to growing his own to manage costs and ensure quality.
  3. Commercial Grower: Expanding production to sell microgreens and offset personal costs.
  4. Educator: Sharing knowledge through his website and upcoming book.

Overcoming Challenges

Cal’s journey hasn’t been without obstacles. He’s tackled various challenges head-on, including:

  • Finding optimal growing spaces
  • Selecting and using the right equipment for maximum yield
  • Dealing with pests and fungal issues
  • Balancing production costs with sales revenue

His problem-solving approach and willingness to experiment have led to innovative solutions that benefit both home growers and small-scale commercial producers.

Sharing Knowledge

For the past three years, Cal has been actively sharing his expertise through his website, offering valuable insights on:

  • Best practices for growing microgreens
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Tips for maximizing taste and nutritional value
  • Strategies for selling microgreens

Current Projects

Cal is currently working on his first book about microgreens, which promises to be a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts and aspiring growers alike. This book will distill his years of hands-on experience and research into an accessible format for readers of all levels.

Cal’s Philosophy

At the core of Cal’s approach is the belief that growing your own microgreens is not just economically savvy but also deeply rewarding. He advocates for self-sufficiency in microgreens production as a path to better health, sustainability, and even potential income.

Connect with Cal

Stay updated with Cal’s latest insights, tips, and microgreens adventures through his website, Microgreens Guru, and look out for his upcoming book. Join him in exploring the vibrant, nutritious world of microgreens and discover how these tiny greens can make a big impact on your health and lifestyle.